Starship Weapons

The following is a incomplete list of all the star-ship weapons available to the players for sale.

Pulse Laser – Fires short, rapid bursts of energy at targets. cheap and high-damage but short range and inaccurate. (-2 DM to hit). Turret Mounted, TL 7, 500,000 Cr. Short Range, 2d6 damage

Beam Laser – Fires Continues beams of energy at targets. More expensive than a Pulse Laser, and less effective, but with longer range and greater accuracy. Turret Mounted TL 7, 1,000,000 Cr. Medium Range, 1d6 damage

Particle Beam – Fire a stream of accelerated subatomic particles. They inflict a automatic radiation crew hit and do not function within an atmosphere. Turret Mounted, TL 8, 4,000,000 Cr. Long Range, 3d6+crew hit damage

Missile Rack – Launches small anti-ship missiles. Ammunition can be found here. Turret Mounted, TL 6, 750,000 Cr. Range and damage By Missile

Sandcaster – Defensive weapons; they disperse small particles which counteract lasers. Ammunition can be found here.Turret Mounted, TL 7, 250,000 Cr. -1d6 beam weapon damage per attack

Missile Bank – 50 Ton – As the Missile Rack, but fire 12 missiles at a time. 50 Tons, TL 6, 12,000,000 Cr. Missiles for ammunition, damage by Missile.

Particle Beam Bay – Larger Versions of the Turret-Mounted weapon. 50 Tons, TL 8, 20,000,000 Cr. Long Range, 6d6+crew hit Damage.

Fusion Bay – Fires a directed beam of fusing hydrogen at the target. 50 Tons.TL 12, 8,000,000 Cr. Medium Range, 5d6 damage.

Meson Bay – 50 Ton – Project a stream of low half-life mesons calculated to decay while in the target. All damage is internal and this weapon is unaffected by armour, as it’s blasts only become harmful after they have entered the target. Meson weapons can also cause crew radiation damage. 50 Tons, TL 11, 50,000,000 Cr. Long Range, 5d6 internal+crew hit damage.

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